Leadership is BOTH innate  AND it is learned.


A healthy organization demands that you take responsibility for the development of your employees.

Employees should engage in the work of the enterprise in meaningful ways.  Ideally, the goals of the employee and the company’s align, creating mutually beneficial partnerships.

At the same time, performance is not taken for granted: companies should review employees regularly. The feedback mechanism should be consistent and measure every important aspect of performance.

Every organization can benefit from an analysis of its leadership capability. Find out where your company has room to grow its employees.

When deficits are discovered, an effective enterprise is able to tackle them with a flexible Performance Management Solution that encourages constructive discussion with an understanding of weaknesses and strengths. Asking your employees to take ownership of their performance is the critical first step.

Powerful 360 Feedback also identifies weaknesses and strengths. This foundational process towards continuous improvement provides multiples of returns in financial results and organizational strength.

Planning ahead also requires that your enterprise have the ability to recognize and develop talent to ensure long-term success.  Our powerful PXT Select™ assessment has been used by thousands of organizations for succession and promotion. 

Using our Leadership Development program, we can help you by studying lessons collected from successful leaders from the past century of American business.

Strong, capable leadership also succeeds with strong emotional intelligence.  Our Emotional Quotient™ (EQ) measures and provides the strategies and tips to increase your EQ, resulting in better leadership.

Using a combination of diagnostic tools (like the ones listed above) and coaching, Hawthorne Services can help develop competent leaders.

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