3 Quick Ways to Develop Your EQ With TTI SI President Ron Price

Published on September 12, 2022

Click here for an excellent article by Target Training International’s President, Ron Price, on EQ and opportunities to improve your emotional Intelligence. Ron focuses on 3 quick ways to develop your EQ (investing in your EQ, taking your “emotional temperature”, and focusing on gratitude.) Most importantly, he notes that improving your emotional intelligence benefits not just your leadership & organization, but many aspects of your personal life as well. Who wouldn’t want better relationships? I would add several other tips, such as: taking 2-3 deep breaths upon an emotional situation; focusing on empathy and “reading the room”; and frequently asking for leadership feedback. To measure emotional intelligence, use a trusted advisor and a strong, reliable assessment. We recommend the TTI Emotional Quotient. Click here for a sample report! Contact Chuck at hawthorneservices.com to see how a workshop on EQ can benefit your organization!