DISC Selling Skills for Reflective Communicators

Published on August 31, 2022

We want to highlight a great blog post, entitled, “DISC Selling Skills for Reflective Communicators,” by Jaime Faulkner of Target Training International. In this post, she describes excellent tips and strategies for the Reflective Communicator (low ‘D’ DISC) with other DISC styles. You say you don’t sell? Everyone has to persuade and influence, regardless of their position. These are still useful and valuable for people in all roles of an organization. 

Accordingly, Ms. Faulkner suggests a number of tips and strategies. Reflective Communicators, as low ‘D’s, are cooperative, low-key, and mild. They prefer clear communication, but often choose an indirect route, which may lead to confusion and misunderstanding.

In this article, (DISC Selling Skills for Reflective Communicators), she addresses better methods to communicate, focusing on influence and persuasion, with every other DISC style (low and high D, low and high I, low and high S, and low and high C).

Significantly, we offer an excellent assessment to discover individual’s behavior and communication style (DISC). It is a powerful, multi-science tool call the Talent Insights®. This tool features a powerful DISC with a motivators and drivers assessment. This is useful for understanding individuals and teams. Contact us for more information, and a complimentary* Talent Insights assessment, so you can understand the power of leveraging DISC.

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