Overcoming Behavioral Problems with DISC – Do You Know Your Blind Spots?

Published on March 10, 2022

Who do you struggle with the most, in communication and behavioral differences? In a recent blog from Target Training International, our DISC assessment partners identified several conflicting styles. They offered opportunities for overcoming these style differences. Do you know your blind spots? Jaime Faulkner’s article demonstrates more communication and behavior style problems result from our DISC “opposites”, than other styles. Blind spots exist for each style of DISC, and unless we are keenly aware of these blind spots, it is easy to harm relationships. The key to overcoming behavioral problems lies with DISC assessments, and your ability to greatly understand yourself and others.

For example, are you a high “C”, who might put policies, procedures, and rules ahead of people or unique situations? Policies, procedures, and rules are important, right? When special situations arise, however, do you allow for thinking and acting outside the box? Or would others say you are too rigid?

Understanding the “how” behind your “why” is complicated. Overcoming behavioral problems with DISC assessments is your answer! Reach out to Chuck at HawthorneServices.com for help and a complimentary assessment, and we’ll show you your Blind Spots, and offer you relief and assistance.