Have You Set Your Annual Goals?

Published on December 1, 2021

What are the stretch, yet achievable objectives you should attain for the coming year? Are they specific and measurable? How do they fit with your life plans and professional and business goals? Have you shared them with the appropriate individuals who will provide constructive support and accountability? How visible are these goals at your workplace? Are they in front of you every day? How frequently do/will you return to these goals and measure achievement?

As a forum leader with Renaissance Executive Forums, our members follow this process each year. Fortunately for me, this process spurs me to set good goals too!

SMART goals are well known and understood, but great leaders surround themselves with others who contribute constructive feedback and accountability. They also reflect on their past successes and failures, debriefing and learning from these events. Great leaders also understand that setting high standards for themselves, and having proper personal accountability, is key to success. Our advice to leaders is, “Find people that will challenge and inspire you.”

Finally, don’t confuse activity with results. Results make a difference, activity does not.

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