Is It Time to Sell?

Published on August 9, 2021

After a challenging 2020, is it time to sell your business? Perhaps so, but for different reasons that you might think.

A number of factors are influencing business owners to consider 2021 as a time to sell. The possibility of rising taxes on capital gains weighs heavily. Post-pandemic demand has returned for most industries, and never left in some. The strong economy, fueled by inflation, suggests that business pricing will rise significantly.

The availability of investment cash has also grown. Individual investors and private equity have used continuing excellent returns and are now in an excellent position. To prepare for a future sale, the business owner has a number of considerations to plan:

– Strengthen your executive team to minimize a buyer’s concern that the business is built solely on you
– Prepare family business policies and/or succession plans
– Analyze your potential strengths and weaknesses (reliance on one key supplier, customer, product or service, etc.?)
– Have a qualified expert conduct a business valuation
– Determine your desired participation after the sale
– Consult with your tax advisor for the right timing and acquisition types

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