Challenging the Demanding Employee

Published on February 9, 2021

Reflect on the most demanding employee you’ve ever experienced. Presumably, a demanding employee that exhibited reasonably positive behaviors. (We’re not talking about poor behaviors-we call those ex-employees.)

Perhaps this employee has several “wants”, yet is productive and results oriented, and highly ambitious. And asking for more control and authority.

You might choose to avoid this employee, especially if you don’t have the right slot for them in your organization. Now is the time for the opposite – an investment in this employee could pay huge dividends.

It’s time to meet this challenge head-on and communicate with them in better ways. Turn on your active listening and inquiry skills and strive to understand their perspective. Understand their “why”, using an assessment tool that measures their motivators. Hold off on judging their wants, and get to their whys.

Now that you understand the “why”, consider their behavior. How strong is their emotional intelligence? Recognizing weaknesses in this area is key. Working on real improvements is possible, with the right coaching and strategies. A good assessment tool will help with both. Remind them that reflection and receiving constructive feedback is a source of fuel for good leaders. Don’t accept defensiveness!

Now is the time to channel their capabilities. Get coaching! If you don’t have a position for them, establish one! Make part of their responsibilities the growth of revenue and value to fund their position.

We’ve seen too many organizations choose to stifle these types of employees. Instead, your culture should encourage desire and ambition. Below is a list of helpful resources:

Leading With Questions, by Michael Marquardt
Using the EQ & Talent Insights DISC-Motivators (our website)
What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, by Marshall Goldsmith
Catalytic Coaching, by Garold Markle

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