Knowledge is Power in Hiring

Published on June 9, 2020

In our last newsletter, we focused on the importance of planning in the pre-hire process. Ted is leaving, and there is an urgency to fill his position. We advised a number of steps to ensure the next hire is successful. Let’s presume we’ve taken those steps and actions, and now have strong candidates from our initial interviews. What’s next? Could it be using assessments to ensure knowledge is power in hiring?

Simply put, a robust assessment tool provides data driven insights to fully understand the human side of our top candidates. It must be simple to use and adaptive to the responses of each candidate, leading to personalized interview questions. Finally, it should be built using the benefit of extensive research and rigorous validation. A robust assessment tool can inform in these ways:

  • Verifies that the candidate’s responses are reasonably candid
  • Compares the candidate’s crucial behaviors to the needs of the position
  • Explores the career interests of a candidate, giving you a better understanding of what they WANT to do
  • Exposes their capability to learn through basic intelligence questions
  • Provides a set of personalized interview questions structured to the candidate’s fit to the position
  • Using the personalized questions, informs the interviewer for “what to look for” in the candidate’s responses

Our partner, PXT Select by Wiley, has a detailed understanding of the 4 step process here. Click here for a sample PXT Selection Comprehensive Selection assessment report.

Great assessment tools, by the way, contain more than just one science. They utilize multiple research areas to provide “knowledge is power in hiring.” The PXT Select measures 3 areas of research: Thinking and Cognitive Styles; 9 Behavioral Traits, and Career Interests. These 3 areas powerfully match to a standard or customized job model that provides a superior benchmark to measure candidates, resulting in a greater understanding of your talent pool, whether internal or external. Add to this the ability to measure distortion, provide customized behavioral interview questions, and strong Coaching and Leadership reports, and you have an exceptional assessment.

To achieve exceptional “knowledge is power in hiring”, and have a detailed analysis of your recruiting and selection process, contact Chuck at (574-361-6166).