Planning and Execution

Through strategic planning solutions, the business’ ecosystem achieves resilience, vitality and dynamic order.

Strong Planning and Execution happens when “A” players work with proven processes and achieve great results.  As a Certified Advisor of The ReWild Group, Chuck Bower provides a series of solutions based on Organizational ReWilding.  These solutions identify and restore weak or missing systemic elements in an organization.  Through these solutions, the business’ ecosystem achieves resilience, vitality and dynamic order.  The result is an Exceptional Business – one that is high-functioning and highly profitable. 

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Organizational ReWilding

Organizational ReWilding is based on The 7 Stages of Growth, which defines the common strengths and challenges of small and medium business based on organizational complexity.  We work with you to administer a diagnostic assessment that identifies obstacles to good planning and execution. We invite you to join us in our mission of growing more Exceptional Businesses.

Matthew Pohl of The ReWild Group tells the story, and as our Organizational ReWilding partner, provides many of the tools we use to foster Exceptional Businesses.


What is ReWilding?

In mid-1990s, Yellowstone National Park’s ecosystem was failing.  This historic national park was on the verge of becoming a high-plains desert.  Park Rangers and Scientists knew something had to be done. They decided on a scientific approach called rewilding, which restores an ecosystem’s natural balance and wildness through the introduction of a missing element. 

They took one simple action: they introduced packs of grey wolves, a species that had been absent from the park for over 70 years.  This one change set off a “trophic cascade”, a ripple effect that reverberated throughout the animal species and plant life. 

Remarkably, the introduction of the wolves even changed the park’s physical geography by impacting how the streams and rivers flowed.