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This newsletter discusses what we call, "The Great Reevaluation", which some are calling The Great Resignation. We're also going to share an important article about rationalization and leadership.

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The Great Reevaluation
Some are calling it The Great Resignation. We call it The Great Reevaluation. As millions of Americans make career changes, even more are reevaluating their life's purpose and long-term plans.

Organizational responses are mixed, and not generally empathetic. So let me ask - do you reevaluate your mission, vision, and core values? Do you reevaluate your long-term plans every few years? Your employees do as well. It only took a pandemic and other life changes to hasten this process.

This Forbes article highlights ideas to regain your footing with your valued employees. The basic messages are to employ empathy and inquiry to understand why employees are leaving. When was the last time you conducted a climate or employee engagement survey? Have you been conducting stay interviews? While many organizations are strengthening their compensation programs, benefit programs, and culture, are you falling behind?

Find the sources of discontent. Conduct exit interviews wherever possible. If it is your employee comp. and benefits structure, then strengthen those programs. Do you have flexibility in workplace schedules? If so, work out a win-win. If employee performance or behavior-oriented problems exist, work with those employees to solve those issues, or find the right opportunities for them (that means elsewhere, if necessary.) Make your culture a winning one.

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Rationalization and Leadership
What is rationalization? The Oxford Dictionary defines it as "the action of assessing or evaluating something again, or differently". A recent article by Gautum Makunda illustrates the weakness of rationalizing our leadership decisions without steadfast moral courage.

Wisdom from General Stanley McChrystal suggests that often, we rationalize decisions thru self-justification. Are decisions based upon doing the right things? Or the easier wrongs? McChrystal points out that the tendency to rationalize is a reason that leaders fail.

How do leaders avoid this trap? The answers are simple. First, commit to the belief that harder choices are usually the right choices. You will avoid taking the easy way out! Second, this Psychology Today article reminds us to remove emotion and ego from our decision making, and to value collective input.

Finally, do you feel the need to justify a decision (defensively) to others? If so, take a step back, reflect, and ask for collective wisdom.


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