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Three Ways to Grow as a Leader from the PXT Select™ Blog
If you have an opinion about yourself as a leader, how do you know that opinion matches up to reality? We are sharing this special blog entry from the PXT Select Fit-4-Hire blog.

Three great steps are all that is necessary to help you change and grow, and become the best leader you can be! In a nutshell, it's as simple as 1) Reflection; 2)Asking for feedback; and 3) Using a strong assessment.

Make reflection a habit. The best leaders start by judging themselves to a high standard. However, reflect and learn from mistakes, and give yourself credit, where credit is due. Don't let mistakes lead to a critical "inner voice", let them lead to positive, future actions.

We recommend the PXT Select™ assessment to understand your strengths, weaknesses and leadership capabilities, based on cognitive ability, behavioral traits, and career interests.  Know yourself, and understand where your strengths align to your role, and where you need to compensate for potential weaknesses.

The CheckPoint 360°™ is our favorite tool for formal feedback situations. 360 Feedback is not a one-time event, however, it is a process whereby powerful perspectives can be understood.

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Sales Development Resources: Alex Goldfayn and 5 Minute Selling
If there is one resource you are going to use to develop your sales team, buy Alex Goldfayn's book, 5 Minute Selling.

Alex gets to the heart of the psychology of sales, and this book will give your sales team the resources and motivation to achieve more in 2021.

Click here for his website's latest videos.
Are Poor Customer Service Experiences Hurting Your Bottom Line?
Delivering a negative customer service experience can potentially destroy your organization's reputation. So, how do you meet your customers' needs, win their loyalty, and differentiate your organization from the competition?

The Customer Service Profile™ assessment provides information that customer-facing organizations can use to attract and develop people with the traits and skills to excel in customer service roles. The assessment helps companies maximize their brand recognition, minimize the cost of bad hires, and deliver outstanding brand experiences that positive impact the bottom line.

This assessment measures how well a person's customer service-oriented traits fit specific customer service roles within your organization.

It also helps you define what outstanding customer service means for your organization to assure alignment and consistency in how service is delivered.

How? The special sauce is the Customer Service Perspective, a unique way to comparing a candidate's perspective to YOURS!

To learn more, take a complimentary assessment and see for yourself! Contact Chuck for more details.

Winter 2020

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Three Ways to Grow as a Leader from the PXT Select Blog
Sales Development Resources: Alex Goldfayn and 5 Minute Selling
Are Poor Customer Service Experiences Hurting Your Bottom Line?
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